TrickShot - under development

Hey guys… I just wanted to share the game I am creating right now.

Please give me some suggestions for the game.

Here’s the link:

Advanced thanks guys :smiley:

I propose this the hard part to find something that has not yet been created: P

Only to find a name for a game you have to be careful because 99% is already used by someone ^^.

Yeah… i know, :smiley:
I haven’t thought of a better name yet…also I cant say that this is an original game, there are many games like this in the web. that’s why i’m seeking help from others to suggest a feature to be added. ha! :mrgreen:

THanks man!

I liked a lot the physics in the game! Keep it going.

About suggestions to features maybe a score system and if you do something like breaking stuffs on the way or something lile that.