Try my game. It called Black Orb on Ladder

I have created a game called Black Orb on Ladder. The game mechanism is simple just using arrow keys to move, space keys to jump and press “up” arrow key to grab the ladder when you touch the ladder. Try not to fall or hit the obstacle.

Here is the link:

I’m very grateful and glad if you give feedbacks about my game.


Very nice game, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback :blush:

That’s a fun game and I like the graphics too! My initial thought would be to make the first few levels a lot easier. At the moment the first level is quite difficult and tricky. There’s a lot of dying and restarting (for me at least). It might be better to start the game with much easier levels to draw the player into the game. For example, if you only have one death trap in the first level. Then 2 death traps in the next level. And so on… Until the player has completed some levels and gradually learned to play the game. And they got the dopamine hits from finishing a few easy levels. Then later on in the game bring the harder levels in.
Anyway, nice job with the game!

I liked it too. I thought it looked and sounded nice. I did have a hard time and could not complete the first level but I don’t play a lot of athletic games so could be my lack of coordination.

Thanks for your feedback :blush:

Thanks for your feedback :blush: I think i should make it easier :blush:

Thanks. The game still needs many improvements. :blush: