Trying to make a dramatic/colorful type of color palette and make better character designs

Hello Rn Im trying to make characters for my game and design a color pallete for the whole game to use :slight_smile: I did have ideas for the 2 chars on the right designs but I couldnt figure out how to make them in 2d “mental ideas btw no drawings”

The two on the right
\light brown hair—Supposed to be like a friend that becomes a Rival hes also really good with electricity and robot stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark Hair—Hes kinda just there cuz the pumkin man is gonna leave halfway through the game and I didnt wanna waist all the sythe attacks hell stilll be unique tho—hes a assasin type of dude u meet at the end of the game ill probably just make him joke arnd a lot
was playing arnd with colors

I would really appreciate if anyone could help with colors or character designs :slight_smile:

I would really like my game to look like something of a mix of old anime and cozy cartoons
Fyi I havnt watched all of these “I want dark colors but still bright ig?”


Id really appreciate any help or any comment suggesting something :slight_smile: