Trying to work on game not opening in editor

I think it was

Explain your issue is not with events or engine but with cloud service itself
And you ask for a way to retrieve your games in offline format and not online format
Or at worst online format so you can save them yourself to offline
BUT idk if conversion will account resources properly
BECAUSE all online projects i get (online project saved to desktop and sent to me)
Did not include resources
It was just project.json file

But that will be other problem to solve
For now your only concern is to get your projects back one way or another

I noticed that too, I did a Save As to my desktop and opened the assets folder and the 3d objects were not there. I used them for free from the asset store.

If some of the assets are not downloaded, does it still work when you continue to edit the games offline? I will look for more information online.

You can get error when launching game if you don’t have some asset IF you are trying do something to that asset

If you try to change color of your idk player with recolorizer extension and player have no image file then you will get error and game won’t run
BUT in most cases game will run but you won’t see assets you don’t have