Trying to work on game not opening in editor

After logging onto the gdevelop editor, I tried to open my game to work on it. It has been hours and I keep trying.

Tried again today and the game still won’t open.

If your game project is very larger and has many assets, it takes longer time to open. try to spilt into smaller parts.

Only that 1 single project?
Yesterday i did try to create external layout
Then i deleted my player from actual scene
I did not want to save so i Alt+F4
And gdev did not want to launch for me at all
Installing gdevelp again fixed issue
So maybe try that at 1st

Other than that can you load other projects?

The game is very small, 72 dpi images and in 2d.

I am using the online editor. I didn’t install an editor on my computer.

I have 10 games and none of them are opening.

Did you try different browser?

I tried to delete the “Drag Racing” game because I thought the games were not opening because I had reached the limit of 10 free game development. I still could not open the rest of the 9 games. I closed the Foxfire browser and opened the gdevelop editor using Microsoft Edge and it allowed me to open up the other 9 games.

I looked on the list and only 6 games were showing up on the Build page. I tried to make a new game to test the 10 game limit theory. I looked on the Manage page and the “Drag Racing” game was still listed (the one I just deleted) and another game “Simple Platformer” game was deleted. It seems that the wrong game was deleted, even though I had to type delete and before deleting it read the name “Drag Racing” to make sure it was the right game, still the wrong game was deleted, the “Simple Platformer” game.

I just want to cry.

Something strange is happening.

I have had this same problem several times, deleting a game - verifying that it is the right game after typing delete then clicking on the delete button and checking the list and the wrong game was deleted.

and GDevelop Cloud | A way to Recover deleted Projects?

Is there anyway of fixing this, I would hate to delete another game just to find out that the wrong game had been deleted???

Both games are still on the gdevelop game site, even though I deleted “Drag Race” and the editor said that I deleted (no longer listed) is the “Simple Platformer” game.

I need the simple platform game re-added to my list of games and the drag racing gone. How am I going to get this done?

Kind of discouraged, I am newly retired and was hoping to find a hobby and maybe even make some money on the side by selling a game.

Does this avenue really work to make some money on the side? Is it worth it? I have already learned Unity and Unreal Engines?

Annie i do not want to say something is bad so do not take it as me saying cloud service is something bad

I just share my opinion

I saw A LOT ppl on discord have issues cause they use smooth camera extension
I mean not because they use it but because they use it and they do stuff they should not
Like delete player without stopping smooth camera which if focused on player
And since player do not exist anymore it bugs out
I see a lot of ppl have problems with yarn dialogue tree
Not because it is bad but because they configure it in wrong way And instructions are not so clear for it

And you know what?
Even so i know cloud service and online editor and smooth camera and yarn dialogue can work perfectly fine
I prefer to install gdevelop on my pc and not be unable to use it when i lose internet
I prefer to have my project and its files on my HDD and not worry about internet at all
I prefer not to use smooth camera at all and don’t have it bugging out for me
I store my dialogues in variables and it works perfectly fine

And you know what
Maybe i would not have any problems using them
BUT i say my nerves my comfort of workflow my patience is NOT worth checking
I am fine with not using them and i never had problem with that

Again i do not say they are bad
I say you should think does having your project in cloud is such a good idea?
Does using online editor is also good idea?

A lot of ppl use them and have no problems
But do you feel it is worth finding out will you have problems or not like you have right now?

Take it as tip
I am not telling you to ditch anything


When I was learning Unreal Engines, I downloaded the editor to my computer, but everytime there was an update, I had to download a new version, but sometimes the new version would not open my old version. Keeping up with the downloads sucks.

I am just hoping that things like choosing a game from the build page list, typing out delete, checking to make sure that it is the game, it is written in the delete dialogue box, then pressing the delete button. Only to look at you list and the wrong game was deleted. It happened to three of my games now. It is so disheartening, I am spending alot of time learning how to make 3d games and then months building them, then in one foul sweep they are gone.

No I opened the gdev editor online and went to the Manage page to see if I could open one of my games that is not showing up anymore on the Build page, and I didn’t find anyway to edit the game.

Now I have to wait until someone fixes the online editor to continue working on my games. So frustrating.

By the way there is no “Log On” button on the first page of the online editor.

Recently I have noticed some pretty awesome updates to the gdevelop site. Nice to see.

I only ONCE in my life had problem with desktop app
And it was due my building lost electricity while my pc was running
Simply installing it again fixed it
Other than that i had few bugs but always installing it again fixed any issue i had (not uninstalling then installing again but straight up installing over existing installation)
And NEVER EVER i had issues with any of my projects
Yet i never used cloud service or online editor

Now compare what i just wrote to your experience
And ask yourself do you want to keep using online stuff or switch to desktop app and save your projects on your PC

Choice is yours

IF you would go with desktop app you could even backup all your settings there is one folder you need to copy
Simply open any folder type in address bar %appdata% and hit enter and there you have Gdevelop 5 folder
I bet you only need 1 file from it or few but i did not bother to check which
Since folder alone is around 200mb

And now i reinstall windows i install gdevelop i just copy that folder back to appdata folder and everything is like i had it before reinstall
So i am not afraid of reinstalling deleting or doing whatever to gdevelop
While only thing you should pay attention to is NOT to save/put your project (folder with your game) folders
Into Gdevelop folder
Cause they will get deleted on update
So just put them to IDK C:\GdevProjects
Or something like that
And like me you will not have any problems ever again

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I am going to google how to do the backup the settings and save my project to a certain/separate folder. Thank you very much.

I just have to wait until I can open my files online, there is only 6 or the 10 games showing up on the Build page.

After you will be able to open project
You hit hamburger icon in upper left
File > Save as and here you pick desktop

Also didn’t your projects show on different browser?
Cause that would be what i would use to save them and then don’t bother
If you are unable to access them in any way then i would consider contacting support

Thanks for your help and I will try to work on my games offline. But I am still waiting to see a full list of the 10 games.

Do you know how to contact support?