Tunnelboy (LIVE)

Hey guys, in the meanwhile i have been working on another puzzlegame with some inspiration borrowed from games such as minecraft and lemmings.

Still working on it, here’s the demo:


I hope you like it, try it out and give me some feedback :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a pretty neat puzzler. Wil you have a score and bonuses for completing a level with left over tool actions? That could give the game the 'try-it-one-more-time-to-improve-my-score" type feel to it.

My only suggestion is to make a few starter levels that are dead easy, that introduce the various movements or actions, teach about each element and the tool used to get through it, and further down the line add some tricks to the player’s arsenal (like the jump and dig action). These levels should be really easy because the idea is to teach about the action not to strain the brain.

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I tried but didn’t find out How to dig and use objects… Am I stupid? ^^haha

Hence the need for a tutorial. Click on the object to use from the top left, and then click on the block that it eliminates (axe on timber, spade on sandy coloured block…)

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Oh yes OK thank you! I can play now. I could have find out ^^

Level 8 I burnt a green square under me and didn’t fall. is that normal?

It’s a good idea for a game! It leaves a lot of possibilities to make it better and make more complex puzzles tactics. I haven’t tried the water bucket since I’m stuck at level 8.
For example fire could burn all forest that touch each other and water could spread in empty close squares of egual or inferior level. Well just 2 ideas that pop up but there could be surely a lot more that could make it more complex and fun.

Btw, from the middle of the rope the player cannot leave the rope, but can use objects.

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Thx alot for the great feedback! I have updated it, made the player 2 pixels smaller so you there’s no collision problem when u eliminate a block under you.

I have not made the waterbucket useful yet in this demo. :slight_smile:

I am thinking to indeed make a tutorial and to use powerups and other features.


Great! I’ll play again when new features will be there!

I finished the first launch of the game, it’s live and playable here:


The character cannot dig upside and top corner anymore. Is that a bug? Cannot finish level2

Lol no, u need to jump and click because the character is a pixel smaller.

I thought I tried that but didn’t work.