Turn Points Into Objects

I’ve been learning about the engine for some time now, and noticed a few problems I’m encountering could be solved if points could be referenced as objects in the events.

To be specific, let’s say I want a character to slide down a wall. The platformer behavior is useful but painfully limited, in that it detects collisions automatically. So let’s say I want to check for collisions only on the sides of an objects, left or right. If I could place a point either left or right and test for their collision with a platformer object, I could then trigger the slide down movement.

That, or make it so one can detect which side of an object is in collision with another. In this way things such as sliding down or running on a wall could be easily implemented. I’m sure more uses could be made if points could be manipulated in such way.

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I think you can do that already.
Add custom points and use them as you like.
And if you don’t want the automatic collision handling, disable it.

If I didn’t get it right, maybe pictures would help. :grin: