[Tutorial] - 2D Platformer Shooter

Hi guys! There was a little bit of a gap between my last video and this new one, i have dedicated more time to my own game this week, but i’m back now and i hope you will enjoy this new GDevelop tutorial. This week i will show you how to create a basic 2D Shooter Platformer in GDevelop and how to separate the body of your character from your weapon to get 2 benefits: 1. You can animate these 2 parts separately so it’s easier to show your shot animation in situations like jump, run or just idle. 2. you could potentially reskin your character and your weapon separately, without creating tons of variations of your character assets and animations.

Download the example project here for free: https://wishforge.itch.io/gdevelop-2d

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Another great tutorial. Many thanks! :slight_smile: