[Tutorial] How to make a stickman like game in Gdevelop

Gdevelop comes with some sampke games. One of them is a side scroller like Stickman.

Just open this project file and save it as your own project. Then replace the artwork into your own stickman artwork.

@RbetterKids LOL. Its a tutorial.

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The project file has the source code. That’s how I’m making my 1st game app to.

I mean, he is showing you how to make one stickman like game. He isn’t asking how to make it. Its a tutorial. So he posted a video.

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Then you’ll see the following screen below.

Please click on “Platformer” and wallah. You have a side scrolling game like Stickman, where you control the player to run, jump, shoot.

A friendly suggestion is to immediately click FILE > SAVE AS

and save this as your own new project. That way, you will always have the original Platformer project file to look back as a reference.

Sorry, missed a step. The following screen is under “STARTERS.”

Yoo Bro Chill… I have made an tutorial… Still Thanks alot …

If you’d like to share tutorials you’ve made, please post them in the Community section of the forums. I’ve moved this thread to accomodate that.

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