[Tutorial] How to make your game run better and faster by using your GPU instead of CPU (for windows)

When I add more and more content to my game I notice my framerate drops significantly with more use of extensions like lighting and physics(mostly because of my crappy computer), and I just found out that Gdevelop never uses your GPU to render your own game, but you can make Windows force Gdevelop to use GPU which would enhance the performance and reduce the workload on your CPU if it was doing other things like viewing this forum.

Step 1
Go to your Windows settings by pressing the win key ⌘ and click the gear icon to open up settings

Step 2
In the search bar, type in “graphics settings” and click the tab, and go to the setting

Step 3
click the “Browse” button and open file selection, search Gdevelop, and select the Gdevelop 5 file

Step 4
click the option button and set the graphics preference to high performance

Step 5
restart your Gdevelop and launch your game, right-click your Windows Toolbar, and open the Task Manager, if your GPU usage is higher than 0% then you successfully boosted your game using your GPU

Warning: this method forces your GPU to render assets from Gdevelop 5 so some errors with rendering might happen depending on your GPU, you can always restart Gdevelop and change it back in the graphics preference


Nice tutorial. The presentation of this tutorial is great with all things in order with pictures and all. You have a nice document making skill. Mostly importantly thank you for telling us about how to make use of the GPU for playing games made with GDevelop. I was using Windows 10 and I was not aware of this. So, nice work.


Thanks for the comment, I forgot to mention that it might cause incorrect rendering in the editor interface since I didn’t find a way to make it only render game files, some white boxes sometimes flash through my editor but it wasn’t too bothering.