Tutorial on a Space Shooter Game

Hi GDevelopers,

I have been working on a Space Shooter game tutorial for quite some time now. The first part of this tutorial is complete where it teaches you how to make a basic game start menu.
It’s still a work in progress :slight_smile:


Link: Space Shooter [GDevelop wiki]

Please do check it out and leave your suggestions or feedback here:)


Nice idea, is there a section on the forums for this things?!. This is asked several times and maybe is good to have posted as fixed in a forum section ¿?

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I suppose we need to request the Admins :wink:

If it passes the Quality Test, maybe it can be a fixed topic :slight_smile:

We can add this new tutorial on this page
Try to give a rank for it, Beginner tutorial, advanced…
Make sure you don’t put anything violent and bloody, we have young kids here :slight_smile:


Thanks. Of course, there won’t be anything which is unsuitable for children :slight_smile:

Glad to see your work, Good luck to you.

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