Tutorial subtopic?

Hey! I think it would be great to have a subtopic on the community topic to share guides and tutorials!


I’m totaly agree :+1:

I am not against having a tutorial section but anyone is able to add new pages to the wiki by visiting a page that does not exist yet and click create page. For example:

Replace “mytutorial” at the end with a name of your own and make sure you are logged in to be able to create the page.

Then you can write your tutorial on the page.

Then, anyone is allowed to edit this page and add a link to the tutorial page here:

The benefit of using the wiki instead of the forum is that the wiki is collaborative, so others can help improving and updating the content on the page.

If you don’t want that, you want to take the credit for all tutorials you write, then you can start your own blog somewhere like Blogger, Wix, Wordpress…etc and you can add a link to you blog on the tutorials page. :+1:

  1. There is a function on the forum to make posts collaborative but it’s hidden to users that are not active enough
  2. Sometime some tutorials are just not worth the wiki. The wiki is the reference place for everything, and adding many small tutorials would just make it huge and intimidating and let the important pages drown in the mass.
  3. Sometimes people want feedback about their tutorials and the forum is perfect for that, just through hearts or with answers. People often are dependent on feedback, because they will just stop if they have the impression it’s useless and nobody uses it.

But this is my opinion, of course the wiki is also a good solution.


I see where you coming from. It makes sense.
I didn’t know about the function to make posts collaborative. Interesting :+1:

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The problem with that feature is you need at least trust level 3 “Regular” and not many people has it. You are Trust level 2 “Member” so you couldn’t know. We are only 6 with trust level 3, so of course this looses it’s interrest.

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I still think it’s more judicious to put all the tutorials in one place.

Just having two different places for the same thing is nice for nobody.
There are few complete and quality tutorials. I’m afraid that if we open a section for that on the forum there’s going to be a lot of poor quality tutorials (especially the video tutorials which are generally not crazy).
And finnally the good tutorials will have to be transferred to the wiki manually … basically everything is on the wiki, let’s stay on the wiki, it’s editable by anyone who wants to.

If there is a tutorial category on the forum then I hope it will be a link to the wiki.
Same for extensions a link on this repo for submit the extension.

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Well, the same could potentially happen to the wiki, this is why the access is limited to the most popular and official sections of the wiki.

But I think we are not really talking about tutorials. but detailed explanations. When I’m interested, sometime I don’t mind to sit down and provide a detailed explanation for a problem or question asked on the forum. It would be complicated to turn it in to a tutorial because we need to build the context first to explain what is it that we are explaining and why. On the forum the context is already given in the form of the question asked but on the wiki, we need to build the context which is not so easy and often require just as much content to write as the solution or even more. It is not fun and difficult to do it right and some of us also not interested. Giving answers on the forum and writing wiki articles are two different things. Wiki always require quality, the forum is not so much. :+1:


You’re probably right. But I think the tutorials are already pretty scattered between YouTube, the wiki, external sites and the sub-Reddit, so it is already tidious to find a tutorial. This forum is one of the reference points for most users, and often they come directly here without reading the Wiki. Plus what @ddabrahim said that is what I meant with

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So is not a tutorial, more a detailed explanation of one thing.
So it’s more interesting as a response at the end of post.
Opening a post to explain another post’s problem is counterproductive.

Spreading things out in different places is all I want to avoid.

Yes, and for me this entry point should be an open door to documentation. (With a “Tutorials” category on the forum that would be a link to the wiki)

One link to one place for all tutorials it’s for me the solution.
By adding a category between a tutorial and explanations you add a new type of content to :

If you want to write tutorials/explanations in the meantime do it in the “Community” category with a tag to differentiate them.
I’m curious to see what such a post would look like.
But I think it will add confusion.

I know that.
And I want people to know that this wiki exists. It’s a source of existing resource.
Adding a tutorial/explanation category on the forum just won’t make them go to the wiki.

And to make it go to the wiki in the future I have this project in progress for the next GD releases.

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I agree. New users who see this just go on the wiki.

Wait a bit before closing post when the dialog is active ^^
Maybe ddabrahim or someone else want said something ^^

The point is, many of us simply don’t have time and not interested writing wiki articles.

For example last time I wrote an article on the wiki, I spent 3 hours writing the article, making sure I explain everything nicely with no grammar errors and then literally 5 minutes later, I’m not joking, only 5 minutes later 4ian rewrote the entire thing leaving not a single word I wrote in the article in 3 hours.
My writing must have been really bad if it took only 5 minutes for 4ian to read it and rewrite the entire thing from the moment I have published.

So I won’t waste any more time with writing wiki articles, I am clearly not good at it but I don’t mind explaining staff on the forum.

If you or anyone else love writing articles and good at it, you are free to take any of the content from the forum to the wiki.

The point is, the person who originally write the tutorial or explanation on the forum may not even interested or not even good at writing articles on the wiki and everything we write on the forum get lost eventually.
So if not a dedicated tutorial section but some sort of vote or flag system would be nice if the forum engine support it. And as I mentioned people good at writing articles can take it to the wiki if they want to :+1:

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please don’t send me bact to that useless wiki, when I’m coming from there! this does not make sense. I coming to the forum because I couldn’t find the answer there.

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