Tutorial video Jam?

How does a “Game” jam for gdevelop tutorial videos sound like? A contest for making tutorials, and they would be graded by multiple factors like games are in game jams
Originality: is it a new Thing not yet covered in video form?
Helpfullness: How broadly can the tutorial be used? Does it work for nearly any game or a certain genre, or something way too specific?
Entertainment value: Is the video to the point, and not making the viewer fall asleep before learning?

Making it into a small Jam-like contest would make video creators go for quality and uncover things that havent yet been done in video form, as well as Make a tutorial for something that a beginner would likely want to do, And one obvious price would be getting the Winners’ Uploaded videos and channels promoted by the contest, which would be a great prize as is. Something like this would also help new users by providing quality tutorials to follow. ;D