Twardy Idea Challenge!

Dear GDevelopers,

I am hosting a challenge to anyone out there who wants to give me ideas for twardy! The reason why I’m doing this is not because I don’t have ideas (I do have ideas), it’s because I want to see your ideas and develop my community. The rules are simple:

  • Has to be simple; not hard to code or animate
  • No update title ideas or splash text
  • Is not going to be released into the public until I bring twardy back
  • Nothing Inappropriate
  • No refences to other games (besides minecraft, of course)
  • Please use english (It’s my only language!)
  • Has to be posted by June 5th

Alright, those rules are not really simple, but I bet you can have great ideas!

See you soon, @WorldStudios

Sorry if this sounds harsh but… how about actually showing a game?

Your assuming everyone has been following your game, play testing when ever you put it up, follow all your random posts about it and so on… Thats kinda nutts… you might want to reality check yourself and your expectations…

So heres an idea… Simply put your game up for testing and open it to feedback, then you can use the marketing service of GDevelop to get more exposure or… ask here on the forum.

Its one thing to be protective of your game and its development, its another to treat it like its the best thing since sliced bread and try to hide the “special recipe”.

Bring your expectation down, open yourself to actually getting people to play and test it, keep updating it and showing your progress with actual patches, then let people try the changes and send feedback.

Im saying this to try and help you, dont take it the wrong way. Id very much like to see your game do well, same with every other game made by indie developers.

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Maybe put all Twardy posts into one big topic, so it can be find more easily in the future and people can be better informed about your project.

Here is your wished idea: make a day and night cycle with random weather effects like raining.

That sounds like a good idea, but I am already have playtesters. If you want to join them, you can always ask.

That’s a great idea! I might do that by now on. I already made a day/night cycle and weather effect, though!

Then ask the people that are actually testing your game? …none of that made sense…

You have people testing, but you decide to ask random people that dont know your game for ideas… ok bud.

This is a forum? :roll_eyes:

You clearly missed the point…

If he has people who are testing the game, people that know his game and are in an actual position to give informed feedback, why not ask them?

But instead he decides to ask “random” people, that have no clue what the heck is going on.

…which btw… has already proven to not work.

You said

He answers…

You would have known that feature was already in if he had given any actual info… or you know… “Hey here my game, try it out and then give me ideas”… that would have been the right way to go about it… not the “Hey just blindly throw ideas”.

Why do i have to explain all of this? Its pretty obvious, your smart.

Here is the game, just a quick forum search: (more of it can be also found)

This can be read in many ways.

Then why the heck not post the link to the game in the first place?!?!

Why say

Why not say “The game is on, try it out”, why act like it some closed thing!?

This whole thing is just dumb, im done with this.

Best of luck.

Stay nice, relax. :relieved:

Thanks. Do you want to be a playtester? I am very smart. The reason I’m doing this is to make a community for my game.