Tween animation play goes on when I pause the game

Hi all! We met a long time ago.

I found a little bug-ish thing. I’m not sure how this should work exactly.
I use the “set time scale of layer” action to pause the game. So I set the time scale of my “base layer” to 0. Every game related object is in that layer. it works almost fine, everything is freezing as expected, the whole scene stops, just tween animation is continues to play. Is this how it should work?

and a fun fact: where I have to specify which layer it is, there is a text: “base layer if empty”. I have to leave it blank to work. If I type: “base layer”, it isn’t work. :grin:

If the field is left empty, then it applies to the base layer. Indeed, you mustn’t write “base layer”.
I guess the tweens should pause as well. Thanks for reporting!

sorry for my bad english. I wanted to say: I know I don’t need to type "base layer’, but if I do it should work I think. usually i don’t type just leave empty, but now I did and it isn’t work.
I know it isn’t important, just think I mention.

thanks for the reply.