Tweens stopped working with latest update

I came here looking to see if anyone else has experienced this but I haven’t seen many posts with the same issue. I am using the tweens like I always have and they just don’t work. Specifically, I am tweening buttons. When the cursor is over a button I want it to tween the scale to 1.2x the X and Y. It just doesn’t work.

Yes it looks like scale is broken for the Panel sprite button object.

Until it’s fixed you can use width/height or a sprite as a button.


Well, at least there is some confirmation that there’s something going on with the tweens and it’s not just me. Thanks for the response.

I can confirm I have an issue with scaling tweens too, though it’s only sometimes, but consistently the same sometimes (if that makes sense)

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Buttons cannot be scaled. They will automatically adapt their size in a 9-patch fashion and put back their scale to 1. When a scale tween is used, at each frame the button will think that it must grow more and more.

It’s a limitation of the Button custom objects. You can still use width and height tweens as dimension changes are supported.

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Sorry, I misspoke when I said buttons. I am using a sprite as a “button”.

The tween actions seem to work looking at this example:

Do you still have the issue with the last release?
Make sure that there is no tween with the same name playing at the same time.

Ok, they wiithout my knowing, change the tween duration from miliseconds to seconds, making tweens you add without knowing take an eternity. Could that be the problem?