Two bugs related to variables.

I’d like to present you two bugs related to variables. First one possibly affects all variable windows, while second due to its nature affects only object variables.

1. Cancel out

When you try to edit variable’s value after it was created and will cancel for one reason or another, instead of getting previous value back, variable is now filled with empty string. Ouch.

2. Instance variables

When creating new instance of object (completely new, by dragging from object list), object’s “default” variables aren’t copied to instance, thusly making variable-based object configuration difficult as you need reenter variable names and if you misspell it…

From my experience both should be an easy fix (first one was to save “old” value before displaying change dialog then if user cancels out save to variable that old value, for second just when making new instance, copy variable list over from “default” list).

For the second suggestion, what if you change the object variables in the object list after you’ve created an instance ? In the current version, the object variables are applied to all already created instances. If you copy the object variables to each instances, you’ll not be able to update automatically the instance variable.
I’ve have another proposition, show a separated list of object variables to see their name more easily from the instance variables edition dialog.