TyranoBuilder JS

I am trying to find out if GDev can help me. I like TyranoBuilder to make Visual Novels… but it needs some pizzaz… needs to expand to “point and click” this software is super easy to use… easier than RenPy. Easier than MotionArtist… but I want to spiff it up a little bit. Tyranobuilder uses “Json”. Some exchange program I dunno how it works!

Here’s what Tyranobuilder uses. The QUESTION… can GDev help me… as in making nice effects, mini games, etc? Tyranobuilder exports to HTML5.

HTML2Canvas.js, FLASH.JS, 3 different jquery.js files, Tyranobase.js …and some more. You can include js libraries by just putting them in the base directory. So… can GDev work with thi? Can it pass variables from minigames? Such as line up the blocks…etc?

Here is what it can do… a small experiment… …it has clickable imagebuttons and hotspots… but you can’t do too much…there is no “mouseover” for instance… davidx.altervista.org/ It can do a few other things… such as show a text balloon…etc. Make a custom dialog box… it uses Live2D also, you can use that.

Don’t mean to be off topic but a program to crank things up a little… is what I am after. TyaranoBuilder is EASY for a author! it lets you concentrate on the writing. It’s fairly fast too, and exports to Android rather easily. It has “JSON” but I dont know what to do with that. I want to write a story… not figure out code for days!

I could go with Unity but it seems like it makes huge files. I need to concentrate story development.