Ubuntu repository can not find package

Today I wanted to test the new features of GDevelop, unfortunately on Linux Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 tells me that the GDevelop package does not exist. The PPA key generates update errors (sudo apt-get update). Probably due to an update on your part, but I thought it appropriate to alert developers. Thank you.

I could be wrong, but if my memory serves me well which I doubt, the PPA and the Linux version is dead for a while. 4ian just haven’t got the time to compile and test GDevelop on Ubuntu and other systems, partly that is the reason why he decided to make an HTML5 based IDE for GD5 so he can just write it once and deploy on all platforms with no effort on his part.

You can download the beta of GD5 for Linux, regarding features it is pretty limited for now but slowly getting there:

Thank you for your answer. A new IDE written in HTML% is great! throwing away the C ++ written project to replace it with a new one in HTML5, means a simpler long-term development, and greater portability on all platforms.

Really a good news! I will wait for the new build for Linux systems with extreme pleasure. GDevelop is a wonderful project, I am really happy to be developed with commitment and seriousness.

A greeting to the whole community :unamused:

LordStephen77: It might not work with your newer Ubuntu, but to get the current latest Ubuntu package (16.04), you can try just searching for “gdevelop” on launchpad.net, choose a link and pick "gdevelop - 4.0.92004-1~xenial " for download.
Then you can install the prerequisites as described on the github page (very important!) by running the commands described there.
Afterwards, just “cd” into the folder called “Binaries” in the unpacked gdevelop source folder, mkdir “build”, cd “build”, cmake …/…, make
If there are no dependency issues during the installation of the prerequisites, there should be no other problems, because the C library and kernel themselves should be compatible.
Note that although the github page vaguely says something like “[…] for instance, to install 2.0 of the GTK+ development libraries, you need this and this command”, you’ll actually need version 2 and not 3, even though you have a modern system, at least I couldn’t build while I only had 3.0.
Good luck!

Before you do this though, is your error similar to: “GPG error: ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY B1AB1AB1AC0D3”?
If so, I found an interesting post that might help you:

systembash.com/apt-get-update-g … s-and-fix/

Thank you! you took my doubts off, in fact the first time I completed the project gave me the gtk library as a mistake. I compiled with Ubuntu 17.10 Budgie I use, and it works. But waiting for a stable GD5 relase would be nice to have the latest release of GD4 for the latest versions of Debian, Ubuntu and derived. Especially for the new LTS coming out in April. I look forward to a stable version of GD5 to begin experimenting and re-adapting my current project. Thanks for the information, GD4 unfortunately has many additions, with GD5 things should be much simpler to presume.

LordStephen77: I don’t quite understand… Did you also check out if your package manager is now working, or did you only build the source, as you mentioned? If you only built the source, what did I take your doubts off about?
What do you mean by “the first time you completed the project gave you the gtk library as a mistake”?
It would be nice to try the fix described on the link I sent you, so that we know if the version for 16.04 also works for 17.10 or not, even if we know it does by simply building it.
Out of curiosity: did you build it from the PPA, or by checking out the tag 4.0.92 from github or simply the latest commit? The latest one from github built for me, but crashed when trying to open a new project or create a scene, so I’m interested in knowing how you managed to get it working.