Um... has someone hacked into my forum account?

So I haven’t used the forum in a while… it’s all updated, which is great, but…
I noticed the “My Posts” section had a notification dot by it. I clicked it, and I found a few “reply” drafts I’ve never seen before. They were all quotes from different topics! I don’t know where they came from, and I deleted them (which was probably dumb). These could just be replies from long ago that I’ve forgot about, but that’s not probable. Please help?

Hm, probably because of the big forum layout update? I also see blue dots on things that clearly weren’t supposed to have it. (Things I already read)

The Forums had a large version upgrade this week. Unfortunately, this seems to have re-flagged some old notifications as unread. I had likes/reply notifications showing as unread for the last 12 months.

Thanks for your response. But these are replies I’ve never seen in my life from some topics that I didn’t know about.