Unable to Download Assets - Error: Self Signed Certificate in Certificate Chain

Hello, I am trying to load some assets from the game asset store and it is giving me the following errors:
" Error: Error invoking remote method ‘local-file-download’:
Error: Self signed certificate in certificate chain"

How can I fix this problem? I am learning to use this software and this is my first time using it. How can I fix this error? I have attached an screenshot below.

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
I tried importing that object now, and it worked.
Maybe your Internet was bad during the import? Did you retry?
A certificate issue sounds like it could be a network issue… :person_shrugging:

Hello. Thanks for the welcome.

No, I am still getting the problem. My internet speed is around 50 Mbps and it’s quite fast for downloading any item from the internet. So, it was definitely not an internet-related issue. How can I solve this certificate-related problem?

Maybe some permissions issue. Try to run GDevelop with administrator rights.

This could be related to the fact that you don’t have sufficient rights on your machine because the asset sore on PC download the files and stored them on your PC in your game folder. But here it seems that it doesn’t work.

Does this only happen on this Platform3.png file or other files, or all the time?

I am the sole owner of the PC. So, how can I not have rights on my machine? This happens with every other file. I tried it again and same error happened.

Tried it. Doesn’t help.

It’s standard practice that active users don’t have admin rights, so that their mistakes don’t compromise the whole machine, only the user account.
Either way… Did you set up GDevelop ‘for all users’? Maybe this could be related… Try reinstalling GDevelop for the current user only.
If you have an active antivirus, check the history/logs too, see if it’s blocking GDevelop somehow.

I don’t know man. I am currently creating my own assets. So, this feature is not that important to me right now. Still, I could require it in the future. But I will try reinstalling it for all users in my spare time in maybe 1-2 days. I will let you know if it solved the problem. I am currently working. Kindly don’t lock this threat until then. Thank you for the response btw.

Hello again. Thanks for your response. I want to reinstall Gdevelop using admin permission for the current user. Now, if I uninstall the current version of Gdevelop, will it remove the current project files? How do I recover the files after reinstallation?

No, your project files shouldn’t be deleted.
Open a project and do File/Save As, it will probably show you the current location. Feel free to back them up before proceeding.
My projects are stored in My documents/GDevelop projects. I don’t remember if it’s the default setting.

Olá, escrevo do Brasil. Sou novo no uso do Gdevelop. Passei pelo mesmo problema que você recentemente. Solução que eu encontrei: 1) Se o seu projeto está em nuvem, você pode ir diretamente em “Project manager”/Resoucers. Procure pelo arquivo platform3.png e exclua-lo. OU 2) se esse arquivo for importante no seu projeto: a) Se ele estiver em nuvem, baixe o projeto, salve-o em alguma pasta. O arquivo Plataform.png que está corrompido estará na pasta \GDevelop\assets que é a pasta onde você instalou o Gdevelope. Lá vc pode editar ou substituir o arquivo corrompido