Unable to load message when clicking cancel in open project

After getting fix for my much worse error I discovered that if you click Open project and then click cancel (probably affects open example too) w/out selecting any game, it’ll show message that it couldn’t open file because file doesn’t exist. It should do that only if I click OK, not if I click Cancel in open window.

I can’t reproduce this behaviour on Windows, maybe it’s a linux specific problem?
I’ve added an extra check so as to hopefully correct this problem.

Can you make a quick test to be sure that this issue is also present for “Open example” dialog ?

I’ve the same error.

Works perfectly with Openbox on ArchLinux (it’s not folded like on Gnome3 ArchLinux).

The ribbon can be folded as the font used to render the text is probably too big, and the ribbon take too much space. And as the ribbon height is hard coded, it is then folded.
But anyway, this issue is fixed for the next version : The height of the ribbon will be set so that is is displayed at its best size whatever the way the ribbon is rendered ( Using a big font or not for example ). :slight_smile:

Yes it is.