Unable to save project

I was working through the first tutorial and GDevelop starting acting weird following the addition of a new sprite (the checkpoint sprite on the last page of the tutorial), clicking on any sprite in the scene would cause the sprite to shift down and to the right or to disappear entirely. At this point I figured I’ll just save, exit and reload but every time I attempted to save I got an error saying “Unable to save the project! Please try again by choosing another location.” (something not possible as far as I can tell since the Save As option is always greyed out). Fortunately it was only a tutorial so losing all my work didn’t matter but this could have be catastrophic.

edit This issue has happened twice in two days on 2 different projects.

The problem seems to be triggered when you try to resize a sprite with the grid on.

Then it’s fixed for the next version: unable to rezise any sprite if grid is enabled ? - #5 by 4ian


Thanks for let us know, sadly there is no info, maybe the french forum can help you or update the issue :slight_smile: