Understand a basic thing about this app now

Have a better understanding of this software app now. This is to help me. If it helps you new person ok

  • Reply with other helpful information i could look at

There are different features that can be added to the “editor” or screen (place where you type things)

A common software is chrome but you can’t really add anything to chrome
So a better common example is google docs

You can add text + image to google docs
You can do that in this also

These are all the things you can add just like you can add things in google docs or apple keynote:

1 art -

  • shows art + graphics
  • shows gif

2 shapes
create shapes
“Shape painter”

2 text

These things that you can add can be changed
For example
font size

“properties” (things about it you can change )

3 BBText

some kinda way to make text bold, i guess you can’t do it using “text”
so you cant make text bold using ‘text’ object?

let’s player type

Things you add works differently on different oses (think its only for this feature ? )_

  • on mobile it’ll show differently
  • on desktop, think it always shows the same ?

5 art that you can click
Clickable objects

6 other interactive art that you can drag or slide

art that has changing variables

these objects can effect other objects
by having variables that you change
and changing that
changes other objects (like music sound or any other objects)

Global variable makes it so you can use that variable in other screens/scenes

7 ti;lemap
each ‘tile’
can have mtuiple objects in them…
they can be invisible obstacle or platforms.

for advance ppl
have to use different software

  • Only orthogonal tilemaps are supported - isometric tilemaps are not for now.

7 3x3 art image

  • is there a before - after pic of what this does?
  • and what are common uses of this?

8 art (tiled version)

  • art + graphics that is “repeating”

9 animations + speical effects

There are different things that add special effects
like large number of small particles
like visual effects like ‘shadow’
and light add light and shadows

10 cutsences

  • Reply with other helpful information i could look at

Things that are uncommon
And that you likely never will need

Bitmap Font
Virtual joystick

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