Undertale Fan Game

Hello !

I am back here to present to you my last game created with Game Develop !

If you know the game Undertale, you will maybe like this game.
If you didn’t finished the game, you will be stuck at the anti spoiler start screen.

This game is composed with 2 mains parts.
A “creepy pasta version about Chara” and an intense battle.

Here a video of the fight. Don’t watch entirely if you want to do the fight alone !

How to play :
Move : Arrows
Select : Enter
Cancel : Shift

There are two versions. HTML 5 and Windows.
HTML5 version : onutrem.fr/404/
Windows version : onutrem.fr/games/CharaGame.zip

I need you feedback guys !
Thank you :slight_smile:

And by the way, m_dark is my old username, now i am Onutrem.