Undo and redo Problem

Hello @4ian, i think gdevelop has a problem with the undo and redo. I have noticed this right from my early days in the engine

  • Undo and redo
    Sometimes it goes two steps backwards or forward.
    I am not sure if this is a bug but i would like an explanation.
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Surely because there is no timeout when you press the button/shortcut. By the way, it really makes the software slow if you stay on the keys. A little timeout on the function can be interresting.
Same thing happend when we press arrow button for move pixels by pixels an instance on the scene, if you stay on the button all is very slow.


I agree that undo does weird stuff sometimes. I’m always scared when I have to use it :sweat_smile:
And the undo often scrolls the window, so you can’t keep a close eye on your recent changes to try and spot what was undone.

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I am so scared that i dont use it anymore😊

Sometimes it goes 5 steps backwards

I hope it gets fixed soon😊

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