"Unexpected end of file" error when exporting to standalone game

At first i just check one or 2 of the windows compatible options:

And then only before it’s finished it gives me an error:

when i download the logs it says:

I don’t know why this happens, but could it be cause by a split in scenes?
Like at one point of my game you can make a choice, depending on wich one you end up in one of 2 next scenes. I made a connection to 1 of them, the other is not made properly yet.

I am not sure, because i have had these “splits” before / some empty scenes, and it worked then.

Update GDevelop if you haven’t.

I’m confident the issue is not caused by your “split”.
Maybe it could be a syntax error (missing quotes, too many quotes, special characters, etc), hard to say.
Did you fill all the icons and game properties?
Do the other exports work?

None of the exports work.
Yes, all of the properties and icons are how they should be.

Any way to figure out where the problem comes from? Is making a copy and deleting individual scenes an option?

Yep, make a copy, delete all but one scene and check.

I did check with every single individual scene… and it still won’t let me export the game…
(Global) Variables next?

I have no idea

Make sure you don’t use special characters in the game properties, quotes, slashes, etc.
If not, confirm you are able to export another project.

Try this too go to preferences → Resources and right click on any asset in the menu click on remove unued images, audio, fonts and invalid path, this helps me before maybe it helps you too.

I have found this now, after checking every scene.
These are found in the resources, Is the naming of these .mp4’s the problem?image

These are 2 videos outside of the project file. So if i relocate them would it be fine?

Oh damn, are “?” in variables also a problem?image

isn’t recommended indeed, maybe you should rewrite your variable.


There is 3 dots in your filename of your project, not sure if this can cause a issue here. But your should just use the character from A to Z, numbers, and underscore everywhere, always avoid special characters or sign.

can spaces cause any errors? Like in the raw files?
or is there nothing to worry about?

I am actually really trying my best since i have spent 10 hours straight fixing this already, and i don’t want to redo the game…

If the mp4 files are in a subfolder called GPD, the backslashes are only showing the path, that’s normal.

Removing the question marks didn’t help?

Spaces can be used in some fields, not all, better avoid it and use CamelCaseToSeparateWords.

This is PascalCase, not camelCase

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I tried literally everything i could do… and it didn’t work.
I guess i’ll just remake the whole game, it’s probably faster than trying to fix this problem

Can you send to me the game.json ? In pm or here

On Discord as Private Message?

Here an list of thing:

  • The package name in your properties is set on “KREATIV.KUBE.LARVAAR”
    You need repect the format “com.example.platformer”

  • Quriøus, special character, maybe the build service work, but in the doubt.

  • y2mate.com - mouse_click_sound_effect_hd_h6_8SlZZwvQ.mp3” is a resource, rewrite the filename it’s not professional, prefer use the camelCase convention.

  • The video (or other resources), if the file is very big maybe the build service can’t handle it.

  • Question mark in name of variable, prefer use cameCase convention.

  • At leat one instruction (condition or action) have an parameter empty, take a look on the red underline in parameters in the eventsheet.

After fix those thing, you can use electron-builder for package yourself the game in an executable.


Yes, If you are not sure if things gonna work with the online service then better DIY (do it yourself). :yum: