[Unofficial extension] Rotating Platforms

New unofficial extension


GDevelop Extension - Rotating Platforms - Behavior.

Create a rotating platform with 2 Sprites, set the speed to deside in which direction the platform should rotate, could it be clockwise and counterclockwise.

  • Set a Sprite as base for the moving platforms.
  • Set a Sprite for the platforms that will be created.
  • Speed, negative or positive number in seconds. e.g. -0.3(counterclockwise) or 0.3(clockwise).
  • Stop all rotating platforms.
  • Start all rotating platforms.

Object Varibles

Bool _RotatingPlatform_CanStop_ True|False.

This variable is going to be assigned At the Begin of the scene to all instances of the object. Default value(True).
In game you can use this variable to control if the moving platform is allowed to be stop or not.




That looks really cool, like a fairground attraction.