Unofficial Extension Spikes Trap

GDevelop 5 - Unofficial Extension Spikes Trap
Simple with 2 Sprites create a timed spikes trap.

Source code and example: GitHub - UlisesFreitas/Spikes-Trap-Extension
Alternative source code:

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I know you had been adverse to submitting your extensions to the official list in the past due to the review requirements. As a heads up, there’s a new type of extension called the community extensions which has a much lighter review process. If you have interest you can submit here and select the “Community” (unreviewed) type:

Nice to hear, but the question is are my extensions good enough to be submitted as official?

I’m not in any part of the review group, so I don’t have any say, but I think you’ve put out some good stuff that’d be nice to get in the Community list, if nothing else.