Unstable Framerate and GDIDE not close properly

Hi, application is running at a very unstable framerate, it jump from as low as 50 to 68. If I remember correctly, I posted about this problem long time ago. Also, the GDIDE is still running after I close the GDevelop, I have to use task manager to manually end the process.

Hi, Update your graphic card drivers to prevent GDevelop from crashing at close (if it still doesn’t close correctly, it’s still not GDevelop fault).
For the FPS “problem”, it’s not really a problem : FPS can vary through the execution of the program (especially if the GPU drivers are out of date).

As for a free software I probably shouldn’t say this, but the response you giving kind of feel like shirking. These 2 problem happen on both pc i tried, driver are updated. FPS issue actually already existed few years ago, I’m really surprise it has not been fix yet.

Anyway, hope this tool will become better and better.

Keep in mind, GDevelop got no full time developers really. It is developed by Victor and 4ian in their free time and by contributors on GitHub.
Also , GDevelop is using Pixi.js for HTML5 and SFML for native games and a bunch of other libs which is developed by 3rd parties. 4ian and Victor may unable to fix bugs and work around limitations directly coming from these 3rd party libs since they are not developing them, only use them to power different parts of GDevelop such as rendering, sound, networking, editor…etc

If you are looking for a tool developed in full time by a dedicated team with full control over everything, GDevelop may not the right choice at the moment since 4ian and Victor seems busy with life these days, and they have no full control over the product since it using 3rd party libraries.

Otherwise, I need to agree, sometime GDevelop can produce some weird FPS drops and slow editor, but on my side I’m experience it only when my project got tons of resources to load, create and make tons of calculations.
It hard to tell if it caused by me, or it a bug since my project is huge and I don’t have experience with other engines in such scale except AAA games, but obviously SFML, GDevelop, Pixi.js cant compare with commercial engines with full time dedicated developers behind them.

GDevelop is 100% relying on open-source technology, it great, it free but don’t expect to be just as good, stable and actively developed as a commercial alternative in my opinion. Could be, but even an open-source project would require dedicated, full time developers or active and organized contributions.
Maybe one day, but it not the case at the moment.

Keep this in mind when you decide to use GDevelop for your project and find something to complain about :slight_smile:

The problem is that it’s not repeatable. So, how can we fix it ?
Maybe it’s related to a particular action/condition/whatever in your project, in which case, you can send us your project so that we can test it. :wink:

For the GDevelop crash at close, we can’t do anything : working fine with Intel GPU and Nvidia GPU on my computer (and I assume 4ian doesn’t have problems too). The problem seems related to SFML, the multimedia library used by GDevelop to render scenes in the editor (and in the native games). I may work better if we upgrade it inside GDevelop though.