Upcoming brony game

Hello guys.

I been working for a game for a day and I released a game for the mlp fans called ‘Ponykind Life’, an upcoming RPG slash simulation game which it doesn’t have to do anything with copyright.

So I might release version 0.01 anytime soon. :smiley:

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:
I hope you can add a link when you release it soon. I’ll try it :smiley:

Sure, i will but some people like to sue…

Should be fine as long as it’s a free game. I see MyLittlePony, Mario, Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Zelda, and many other free fan-made games on GameJolt, and other places. If you’re trying to sell a unoffical MyLittlePony game then there might be Copyright issues unless permission is granted. If it’s just a “Pony” themed game then I doubt they can do much. MyLittlePony doesn’t “own” Horses/Ponies.

That would be just ridiculous, would be as ridiculous as registering the word “candy” :neutral_face:

Or word “react” :wink: ( http://www.thebitbag.com/fine-bros-react-channel-losing-subscribers/129819 )

I’m not too sure to be honest. The ponies looks very unique in MyLittlePony.
I’m not a lawyer, but actually, MyLittlePony may own the rights of the way ponies represented, designed.
If you decide to make a game or any art with a pony that just designed exactly the way it is designed by MylittlePony you may end up on the court for licensing issues because your content is misleading and people may get the impression your product is a MyLittlePony product.

I’m not a lawyer, It could be rubbish what I’m saying but Law can be very tricky, and better if your content is unique if you don’t want to get in to trouble. Never copy anything 100% always add something to it of your own as well. Make it a bit different but never exactly the same.

I think there will be no problems if you don’t use MLP characters or it’s name. Or if you use, don’t try to make money with it.
I think fangames is legal if you don’t make money with it at all.

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There are distinct differences as ddabrahim said.
I’m no law expert either but they probably own the general “style” that there drawn in.
But they don’t own Horses/Ponies, just as Nintendo doesn’t own Plubmers, Elves, Gorillas, or Green Dinosaurs .
Although Fan-Made free games are fine I bet.

I don’t think it would be that simple.

Of course it unlikely to happen in case unpopular fan games and mods and staff.
But in case you make something becomes popular, and the owner of the original content you are copy dislike the fact you have made something successful using their idea, they may try to force you by law to stop distributing the content and get pulled off from stores even if it free and you make no money.

Also, in case you make something similar to a paid product and copy the content of the paid product, even if yours is free they might say your product caused loss to them because people didn’t buy their product because of your free product had the same content and in case the content is originally was their ‘idea’ you might need to pay compensation to them.

An idea can be an ‘intellectual property’ of someone and if you copy someones ‘idea’ it is depends on the person or company owns the original ‘idea’ if they want to sue you or not. They might not, they might don’t mind if someone else is using their ‘idea’, but it something that you don’t know until you ask personally and in case you get sued, really it up to the judge to decide if the case is rightful or not and who’s got rights for what.
There is no law for every single cases only legal frameworks, in many cases decision made by the judge based on personal opinion and feelings within the legal framework and reasonable limits.

If you don’t ask for permission, you can get sued any time really, Today MyLittlePony might think, it okay if pony fans makes pony games, but two years later they may going to change their mind and start to sue everyone ever made a pony game without permission. Again it unlikely to happen to unpopular things, but much likely to happen to something popular regardless if it free or not.

Always better to play safe and ask for permission even if you just want to copy an original idea, or use the original idea only as inspiration and make something different that may reminds people to the original but it not the same.

If you take a look at fan games, in most of them the ponies looks different really because of low quality or pixel art or whatever. That’s fine because it different. But in case you have the skills and you wish to copy the entire style and quality of the ponies as it have been designed by MyLittlePony you can get in to trouble.

For example if you wold use those images in your game that legion_of-doom linked, that could be a reason to get sued because style and quality gives me the impression they are ponies from the world of MyLittlePony, but the games looks fine to me because ponies looks different compared to the real ones one way or another.

I think it all depends on the company.
Nintendo has removed a lot of Fan-Made games from a few places.
But Scott Cawthon doesn’t mind the hundreds of Five Nights at Freddy’s clones.
There are a few MyLittlePony Fan-Made games that are kinda popular such as the one I mentioned.


3.3K Views and 600+ plays isn’t bad I guess.
Nintendo doesn’t mind Pokemon games.
But they didn’t like a recreation of Super Mario 64.
So I guess it depends on the company and if there in a good mood or not :neutral_face:

Oh it’s free like $0

Well it only has ocs

Cool, I know another guy who’s making a 3d brony game I think it’s called Ambient looks pretty good. :smiley: