Upcoming Multiplayer

Hi, I was wondering if this upcoming feature for gold users called “multiplayer” is an actual multiplayer system for your games, or just a name for something else entirely.

maybe they mean server hosting 4 multiplayer?

(I am not a representative of the GDevelop company)

As far as I know, the company is interested in adding some features to make multiplayer games, and that is what this feature means. Discussions I had with the dev team about multiplayer in GDevelop is a year old and might no longer reflect their goals now, but when I discussed this, the team was uninterested in an approach like THNK, that would allow you or your players to host servers.

I believe the team is looking at solutions that will go through their own servers and not run any server code for you, to allow storing online state simply, as you would be able to with e.g. Firebase but without any extra setup e.g.

  • Add a “Online Player” behavior to give each player one instance of the object and sync them across the different clients
  • Add an “Online Door” behavior to make an object openable and closable by players, with the state of the door synced across all players
  • etc…

And to allow to create your server logic & syncong by composing such primitive pieces of logic together.