Update 1 on my game: Movement and First attack

So I’ve been working on my Game for about a month now and I’ve made a basic test level along with movements attacks and a first spell. there is a small bug that allows for wall jumping but I think that could be a cool speed running strategy so I can absolutely keep it.

Some Notes
-Enemies don’t move towards the player unless they’re on the same Y level, this bug will need to be fixed perhaps use the pathfinding function.

-Health system doesn’t work at the moment need to make I-Frames work properly

-Need a better setting, for now I just have the setting as “A tower” But Im gonna make it so much more than that.

End of Notes

If you all have any tips you think might help feel free to ask but as for now thats all I have on Update 1!


Excellent news so far, sounds great!

Regarding the setting you could have a mire around the entrance or elaborately decorated sections, or portals inside the tower that could send the player to smaller, independently designed areas for a small part of a level or something, then send them back to the tower after they’re finished there - the beauty is the dimensions themselves could be anything you want, like a forest or something, keeps the imagination going haha! Just a thought!

I’d like to help with the invincibility frames but I’ve yet to figure out a system meself lmao (at least one that doesn’t rely on the health extension). With enemies you could try the ‘distance between two objects’ condition that’s built into the engine (just search ‘between’ in the search bar) - it’s native to Gdevelop but it could help. If you invert it, it’ll work the opposite way: distance is greater than the two objects you select, great for if the player runs away from an enemy for example! Could be worth a look!

I went ahead and nabbed the Health System Plugin, I kinda gave up on doing I-Frames Naturally, lol

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  • On the events where you take damage, add the condition "If scene boolean “Invincible” is False

  • Then when you take damage add the action at the top “Change scene boolean “Invincible” to True”

  • Just under that action add "Start or reset a scene timer “Invincible”.

  • Now create a new event with the Condition “Value of scene timer “Invincible” is >= 0.2 seconds”

  • Add the actions “Change scene boolean “Invincible” to False” and bellow that "Delete scene timer “Invincible”.

And there you go :slight_smile: You now have an “I-Frame” system!

Aye, it can be daunting but I think the testing’s worse than it actually is at times - what MagicBiscuit wrote above should give a good system, and from what they’ve told me before the health system plugin’s quite intensive on the system.

Even though it’s a proper ballache, it might be worth lookin’ into a personally-made system, it’ll give you some oomph in the long run!