Update log (version.txt)

HI! I want to ask if there is some possibility where we can create update log (in txt version in PC) to our game?
Or if it will be there sometime?
thx for answer…

An actual text file? You could always locally build
your game, put the textfile in the unpacked directory, then bundle your own installer with one of the dozens of free programs out on the net.

Resources in the project automatically get bundled into a single .asar file once built, so you would not be able to include an external file and keep it external by default.

You can have it create a text file, but only after the user runs the app. Not really a good fit for what you are talking about.

You could also just add a button on your games main menu that shows an update log you set up in the game.

Nothing announced or planned, so it is unlikely.

Thankls for your answer :slight_smile: