(UPDATE!) "Mana Knight" BETA Version! Now out! Need player feedback! Try it out :)

Hey hey!

Getting closer to the Game Release! Mana Knight is in “Beta” now!

  • Up to 20 Levels and 3 Bosses
  • Added difficulty modes
  • Added some quality of life changes and minor fixes

Any and all Player Feedback is appreciated!

Link to the demo:

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Newest Dev Log:


Not much feedback but really, really well done!

Thanks! I really appreciate it <3

Hey Man, I’ve been watching your tutorials in Youtube. The game is looking good!
But as you are looking for feedback I’ll tell you my 2 cents. It would be nice if we can go through door by pressing Up, it feels intuitive by now, I found myself pressing up a few times, and also, I tried to kill an enemy but I was in front of the door, so instead of killing the enemy I just went to the next area. And the other part is, the speed of the player, it’s not bad, but it will be nice if it moved a bit faster. I imagine starting at that speed, and buying some boots at the store that will make the player a bit faster…

Those are my 2 cents for now, and again, the game is looking good! and thanks for the tutorials in Youtube.

Hey man! Thanks for the feedback!

I already increased the speed of the player slightly, its something im testing in small increments to find the right feel. The idea for the boots is kinda cool and i like it! …but maybe in a future content update or patch, i did add it to the “future updates ideas” notebook im keeping for the game.

The using the “up arrow” for the doors is something i can add in without changing anything else, its an easy thing to implement.

Ill be keeping the interact button as it is tho, its good to have a consistant “interact” control, what i might do tho, is make doors safe places with no enemies, changing the enemies to areas around the doors, that way they wont conflict.

Im really glad your enjoy the game and the YouTube videos <3 Ill keep updating and improving both!

Thanks again for the feedback, i really appreciate it!

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Demo has been updated to “Beta” now, please have a look and leave some feedback <3 :slight_smile:

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Just played, it’s coming real good, I like the music and sound effects, helps the game feels more fun!
Also loved the slime boss, good challenge for 1st Boss.