Update on my game (as well as in general)

I’m still alive. I’ve been having my head down working on my big passion project, which is why I haven’t been active on discord or the forums. I’m currently writing the plot. I was testing level objects first because I wanted to focus on gameplay & integrity first before the story, which is why I was posting all those "how do I"s. I haven’t made any actual levels yet, just the test because I’m currently writing the story, (the levels are built with the story in mind)

Making a game is HARD. Like I said, this is my big project. I’ll give y’all some updates later down the line.

The gameplay is this. It’s like a turn based RPG, but instead of turn based battles, the battles are Shmup styled.

Here’s a screenshot of the title:

A special thanks to @ddabrahim for helping me wake up and realize that I need to follow my passion project. I owe a lot to you, man. :slightly_smiling_face:


The title looks great!

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Looks cool! Have any screen shots of the the schmup part yet?

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I just have the test ones.

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Ah okay. Anything is fine in my book. I love seeing other peoples projects!

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Here it is

Lyrod (the player) shoots purple arrows at the enemy, while the enemy (at least this one) shoots yellow rings


That looks pretty sweat! I love the colors. Cant wait to see where this goes!


Glad my advice did help you.
Since we were talking about passion and to stay motivated, I have one more advice to share that I learned only recently.

Don’t share with anyone what are you working on and there is actually a scientific reason for that.

When you are working on a passion project, as you complete your tasks and make progress, you produce a bit of adrenaline. That’s why you don’t get tired so soon and able to work on your project all night for hours and days even weeks in a row. Your body store this adrenaline and use it to keep you going. When you finish your project, your body release all the adrenaline which is a pleasant feeling and put you in to a rest like state.
Now the problem is, when you share with people what you are working on, you manually initiate the release of all the adrenaline from your body and this is why it feels exciting to tell people about your project. But if you don’t get any positive response, with all the adrenaline released from your body you may find that you are no longer motivated to continue because of the lack of adrenaline in your body.

There are times when it feels like you really need to share it with someone to get some feedback, but what I usually do instead is write it down in a text document what I want to share and save it on my desktop. It helps to clear my head and stop the urge to share what I do.
But if you must, make sure you share it with someone who understand and care and able to and willing to provide positive feedback and you gain some adrenaline from the interaction.
If you made the mistake to tell the wrong people about it and you feel exhausted and unmotivated after, then you need to do something that produce adrenaline like playing games, hang out with friends, go for a ride. Anything that feels exciting and produce adrenaline.
If there is nothing make you exciting anymore, you are in trouble and you need to be even more careful about it because lack of adrenaline leads to burnout and only adrenaline can heal it.

You also need to be careful about offering your help to other people. When you are working FOR someone else, it is often not your passion project but you are still burning adrenaline and if you force your self to do it for any reason, you are going to burnout.
So also be very careful about offering your help to other people with their projects. It is not worth it, most of the time there is no lessons to learn, no real friendships to make and no serious money to make. Just not worth it, instead keep your adrenaline for your self for your own passion projects.

Finally, people going to mention that you need to advertise your game and share what you are working on to find followers and build a community around your project, get some feedback. I disagree with the last part. No point to get feedback when you advertise something. So when you advertise your project, you need to be 100% certain it is just for advertisement to find followers and you are not seeking any positive feedback. Just share what you are working on to let people know and then walk away, do not seek any interaction with the community, if possible even disable comments if you share it on a platform that allow that.

Be careful with burning adrenaline, as you get older it is going to get harder and harder to produce it. I wish I knew this earlier.

Good luck with your project.


I’ve heard a similar thing about New Year’s Resolutions. The reason most people don’t follow-through with them is that they tell all their friends, post on social media, etc., all about what they’re going to do, how great it’s going to be, etc., and then they lose the adrenaline from simply sharing about it, so there’s nothing left for actually doing it.


I strongly agree with your advice all the way. This is the first time i’ve shown off a preview of my work. I never show off anything (screenshots, demos, etc) because I want to have the project fully completed before I reveal it, because it’ll feel alot more like an accomplishment to me. Also because like you said, I’m worried I might get negative feedback that demotivates me. The only reason I showed off the screenshot is because I want to let people know i’m still active and that I haven’t abandoned the forum, with the screenshot being proof that i’ve been busy on my project.

Thanks for the advice dude! I owe you another one.