Hello, Gdevelop! I have made a LOT of changes, features, and improvements to Twardy! In this post, I will show you all of the new features and improvements that I added.

Part 1: The Scene

There are some new features to the scene. One of them is the new folders for the UI, which I will talk about later. Another thing you may notice is that the UI and Background layers are hidden. I hid the other layers because they seemed a little distracting when they showed. To wrap up this part, the final thing I added to the scene was a little more Paths and Farmland.

Part 2: The UI

I added a TON of things to the UI. Like for example, I added a pause menu and a volume slider as shown in the pictures above. I also added a brand new and improved Inventory System! How it works is that when you have seeds in your hand and you tap on a empty inventory slot, it will copy your selected seed and put it in a inventory slot! (It also let’s you choose seeds, too!)

Part 3: The Events

Lastly, I will end this post off with the events. This has THE BIGGEST CHANGES AND FEATURES in the entire game. I can’t really explain this one, so I recommend to look at the images above. If you have any comments or features you want to add/fix, it’s okay if you make a comment about it.

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