Update: Package your game for Android using GDevApp


You can now export your games made with GDevApp to Android, directly from the webapp!
It should be easy: just load a game, export it and then choose “Export to Android”. I’ve written a full article about it on the blog : gdevapp.com/blog/2015/02/12/pac … r-android/

Internally, GDevApp is using Crosswalk to package your game into a fully working Android app :slight_smile:
For now there isn’t too much options, you can still choose the orientation of the game, but I’ll add more options if the android export is used :slight_smile:

Could you make similar thing for native GDevelop? I think it’ll make easier to export games.

To use Crosswalk, one have to have Java, Python, the Android SDK and Ant installed (+Crosswalk itself): that’s a lot of software to get and packaging them with GD is not feasible, that’s why it is offered only in GDevApp for now :neutral_face:
Note that Crosswalk is what is used when you package with Intel XDK :slight_smile: