Update: Reworked interface, new events & objects editor!

GDevApp just got better! :smiley:

[size=150]Events editor[/size]
A new events editor is here with improved rendering of events, selection by long press/touch, duplication of events or instructions, events and instructions reordering… it’s really more usable now.

Just like the GDevelop events editor, but made for touchscreens as well! A few more efforts and it could even be better :mrgreen:

[size=150]Objects editor[/size]
Instead of the old modal, a new tab is here to edit objects, more mobile friendly and it’s now quicker to edit your objects. Yay!

[size=150]Reworked interface[/size]
The whole interface have been reworked to be better to use on mobile and tablets. Missing things like modifying settings of an animation have been added too. The scene editor design has been updated as well.

[size=150]New game examples[/size]

Two new simple examples are available when you create a new game: Endless Runner and Coin Digger.
Both are made to be playable on touchscreens :slight_smile:

[size=150]iPad version on the App Store coming soon[/size]

I’ve been working on an iPad specific version of GDevApp, with enhanced interface for the iDevices.
I should submit it to Apple soon and hopefully it should be then available!

[size=150]Try the updated GDevApp on gdevapp.com![/size]

Any feedback is welcome as usual! New features for games (physics engine…) could be ported from GDevelop in the future. :smiley: