Updated Premium plans for cloud services

Hey all,

We updated the free and premium subscriptions: each tier benefits from Cloud Projects, Online Leaderboards, Automated Builds, Player Feedback, Game Analytics and more.

Read the blog post for a full description of the updates and online services unlocked by the updated (and the existing) plans. You can also directly read the pricing page.


  • Existing Indie and Pro subscriptions are not changed, they are just renamed Silver and Gold (and you keep the existing price, so it’s a discount for people who subscribed already to them :)).
  • New subscriptions are called Silver and Gold, and we’ll progressively add new cloud services. For example, cloud project backups and player accounts to allow your players to log in your games.
  • Free accounts still benefit from cloud services as before like packaging twice a day. Other services are also accessible but limited to prevent abuse and ensure this is sustainable for us in terms of cost.
  • That’s it! Thanks to everyone who support us through subscriptions :slight_smile:

For me I want to become a premium user simply just to support GDevelop because the other perks didn’t make up to the price for me, just knowing that it supports GDevelop makes up for the price

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Very nice subscriptions and I really think and appreciate GDevelop is free. I would like all users to understand that if we give the core team money, they will be able to resign from full-time work and work only on GDevelop. I know that I write obvious things, but maybe it’s worth mentioning sometimes. I would like this project to be developed as dynamically as Blender. Therefore, even though I only play with GDevelop, I will try to pay the $ 10 level. This is a good price even for people from the east :slight_smile:

Btw im Pro 3d technical artist and im used many engines
and i have worked on many AAA Games.
I have a lot of ideas that I would like to test. and tried engines like construct or clickteam fusion, but GDevelop suits me best. Let’s really get the guys paid for a great job.

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