Updates to the Android online export

I’m rolling out updates to the Android online build in the next days:

  • It’s based on a new system internally - build time will possibly be longer :cry:but should be around 3 minutes for most games, 4 for large games.
  • The new system is based on workers created on the fly when needed, so the build time won’t suffer if lots of people are building at the same time (this is something that can happen in the Windows/macOS/Linux build, I’ll fix that by using the same approach!)
  • It’s future proof and it builds the games with the latest Android API so you won’t get any warnings on the Play Developer Console, and can continue to publish new games after August 1st (the Play Store requires new games to be using the latest Android API starting from August).
    • New updates will also be done much faster in case of new requirements of the Play Store.

I’ll be rolling this out more or less gradually - swapping between the old and new system for a few days to ensure there are no issues. If your game build is erroring, please let me know here (you can send me a PM with your account email and the date and time of your build, you can find these in “See All My Builds” or in your profile in GDevelop).


Hi 4ian, I’ve been experiencing an error when I try to export my project using the android option. The log file only reads the following: “Error: unexpected end of file” I will PM you with my details.

Sent you a PM on reddit as I don’t have that privilege through this forum.