Upload GDevelop game to STEAM


I want to upload my game to STEAM but doing that is literally a nightmare, unforgivable.
I’ve done all except the build upload.

Is there anyone that can help me? No one has done a tutorial since now.

The Research Age DEV

Maybe @CorianderGames can helps you, I never uploaded a game to Steam sorry.

Yeah, @CorianderGames can help.

This isn’t really related to GD5. Its just related to steam.

I’m seeing a few dozen tutorials on youtube when I search for “uploading game to steam”. You might start there.

Apparently I did it!

my game is under revision now :grinning:

Let’s wait and see

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Hi @theresearchage if you don’t mind and you have time I suggest to make a tutorial of how to upload your game to Steam so if any other user need to do that well is going to watch your tutorial. Thanks.


I offcially dit it!
You can add the game to your wishlist:
The Research Age DELUXE on STEAM

As soon as I upload to STEAM the next build of the game, I will make a small tutorial! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice waiting until 15/9, and thanks for sharing your game dev with us. About the tutorial it will be nice to see how to upload a GD game to Steam.

Finally, the game is out :grinning:

As promised, here’s my TUTORIAL, HOW TO: release the game on STEAM (or an update of the game on STEAM)

  • Export your game to a standalone game

  • Export to Windows (zip file)

  • Download STEAM sdk https://partner.steamgames.com/downloads/steamworks_sdk.zip

  • Extract (unzip) the STEAM sdk

  • Extract (unzip) this folder: steamworks_sdk_151\sdk\tools\SteamPipeGUI

  • Run SteamPipeGUI

  • App ID: XXXXXXX (your app id)

  • Steam Login YOURUSERNAME

  • Steam Password YOURPASSWORD

  • SteamWorks SDK ContentBuilder Path (?) STEAMSDKPATH

  • Add Depot

  • Build Path of Depot 1 YOURGAMEPATH

  • DON’T SELECT Preview Build (it must be uncecked!)

  • Generate VDFs

  • Upload

  • Insert the steamguardcode (if requested, they send it to you via email)

Now you must read:

  • Success! New manifest ID XXXXX created and XXXX new chunks uploaded.

That’s it! Go to your STEAM Works, SteamPipe Build and set it as default!


Awesome thank you very much, for your time and dedication, plus your game rocks!!!

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