Url's not opening webpages on mobile

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve correctly followed the format to include Url’s in my game and it works fine in Gdevelop, but it does not open up on mobile. I know this has been a problem before, has a solution been found? The reason I ask is because the Url leads to the app store where the game can be rated. The game receives plenty of downloads, but not enough ratings (since the button doesn’t work).

Thank you!

I don’t remember such a problem.
What version are you running? APK or HTML?
Do you suffer from this issue with any link or only Play Store links?

The latest versions of Android allow you to open web pages on your smartphone only if they come from secure sites, ie “https: //”, while preventing you from opening web pages from “http: //”

Hi, Im running the latest version of Gdevelop. Also, the link is not working for the IOS App Store. It doesn’t work in Xcode’s simulator, and it also doesn’t work on my published game. This is the link that i’m attempting to get to: ‎Dream A Little Dream on the App Store
I’ve also tried the variation without the “platform=iphone” at the end, but to no avail.

Within the actual game engine, any link will open, I have not yet attempted to build and push a full update with a random link other than a few variations of the ones I have above.

Thank you!

OK, so you’re talking about iOS build only?

I also found this to be a limitation of Cordova builds for iOS. The “Open URL” action does not result in the web browser being opened on the iOS device. However, “Send a web request” does work as expected.

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Yes, this is specific to the IOS build.

That might be the case, I’ll try the “send a web request” option and post my results. It looks a bit more complicated than the simple URL option so I hope I do it right :D!

Just understand “send web request” is really about making REST calls or POSTs to web forms. I’m not sure how you can open a web page from an iOS app.