Use global variables with yarn nodes

Hello i am having a big problem at the moment because i am trying to figure out how to use a stored string global variable in yarn nodes.
Basically i am making a visual novel game, but one day i decided to let the player choose their username by using a text input and storing their usernames in a global variable. All good until here, now i dont think it’s possible but i am trying maybe someone knows how to help me out. How do i use this global variable in yarn?

PlayerName is the global variable storing the username of my players.
How do i display their name with something like @PlayerName@ in yarn nodes?
I have seen some old forum posts but they all talk about some scene variables, sadly i have no scene variables only this one single global variable since i want to always store the player name, in every scene not only in 1.
Thanks for any answer!

Please any kind of solution or tip is welcome

Here’s a solution in a thread from a while back. I doubt Yarn has changed much, so it should still work

Ok so i already checked that thread before posting but here is what i dont understand.

I made the user input their username and i stored it in a global variable. Because i want to use it in every scene.

Now, in my case i dont have any scene variable so i have no clue how to do the load text from a file thing.
Should i create the scene variables _dialogue/_updatedialogue from scratch?

You can if you like, but if you reference a variable and it doesn’t exist, GDevelop will create it at run time.

Hey, can this also be a viable solution?
How about a custom command in Yarn like <> (no values, just a command name like PlayerName) and then have an event that puts the value of your global variable into a text object whenever that custom command is encountered. And then you’d have another command for the other names in the game <> (which does have a value) which just puts the name of the npc into the same text object.

So basically what i wrote earlier only was useful in changing the name of the player where the npc names were, not in the dialog box but in the npc names box which is still pretty nice.
Also in order to show the name in the dialogue box i added another command that when called it actually change the entire dialog box with another copy that i made and called it dialoguebox2, in there i just write what i want for player to see like: (I dont know if this is any good but as long as it works its fine for me so thank you for your help and tips)