Using cubes to solve collision problem in 3D?

Note: I am just asking if the method I’m using is worth the time. This might not be a perfect solution. And YES I know pandako’s extension exists but I am trying to use the built in 3D stuff more and might switch to pandako’s extension soon.

I know that this problem has been mentioned a huge number of times. I wanted to create a thread regarding this problem too. But since it has been told a couple of times before, I just went off to try and solve it myself while I wait for any update to fix this.

So as the title suggests, I plan on using the good old classic collision masks used for sprites, but cubes and cuboids instead of squares and rectangles. I just add a 3D cube called hitbox (One for player and one for enemies) and in the events, I always set the position of the cube to a value relative to my character’s position so that it is always just as large as that selection box around the character. So let’s say I have a character with a sword. In such a case, I keep the hitbox small to when the character is idle or walking. And when it switches to something like when it slashes with the sword, I make the box larger (This requires me to reconfigure the position though). And although I add a large number of enemies, I add only one hitbox for all of them. Then, I use the same method above but just use the pick nearest object to make sure the enemy closest to the player gets the hitbox.
Wow! This got a lot longer than I thought.
And like that, I get a somewhat good collision system…?
Anyways, if I am missing out on some 3d collision extension … Ahem… other than Pandako’s extension (Which like I mentioned, I will probably use if this method turns out bad) please let me know.
And also please tell me if this method is worth doing. Thanks!