Using perlin noise to generate fish


I’m learning about noise and procedural generation recently, and begun working on a new small/side fish project. I’m using it to generate both the map and the fish patterns. My idea was to leave the fish with the same shape; using the noise only to establish the color pattern.

In this small video I show the fishing mechanism, and some exemples of the fish caught. The “STRANGE FISH N_ XXXXX” is the noise seed. I’m thinking about limiting the seeds to 5.000 only. About how to fish: you either hit space; then the first rectangle appears. When the red rectangle is in collision with the green rectangle in the middle, you hit space again, then the second rectangle appears (the colorful one); now, the same red rectangle keeps moving left, unless you hit space several times to take it to the right; when the red rectangle hits a certain point in the right, you caught the fish. The idea is to make some fish harder and some easier to catch (based on the velocity of the red rectangle moving to the left). If the rectangle goes off the screen, you lost the fish.

I was thinking about ways to integrate this with an online website; like if you catch a fish, you could share the screenshot directly to a specific website, like a depository. The website would check if there’s a screenshot with this seed already. If it don’t, then your screenshot gets posted and you become the “owner” of this fish/seed. But I don’t even know where to begin, like if this is even possible. How do you feel about this idea? Is anyone, with experience in this, interested in working together on this project? (if you are, please send me a dm so we can talk better).

Regarding the map/game: there are 4 different scenes integrated with each other; each scene has 100x100 objects created with procedural generation that are 8x8 pixel; so each map is 800x800 in total pixel size, so the total of the 4 maps is 1600x1600 pixels. The resolution I’m using to make this work is 192x160; the character sprites are also 8 pixels in size (on the hud, the character is 32x32). Is it too clunky? I would love some feedback if possible :smiley:


I don’t know how you do it, but it is amazing)

It’s really amazing what you’ve done, good job!

Hello! I loved the idea!