Various IPAD bugs found

Here are some goals discovered on the iPad version and which concern the import of animations by sequence of images.

First, when you import a well-numbered image sequence, GDevelop does not take the numbering into account, which means that you have to rebuild the order of the animation manually in GDevelop each time (it’s tedious)

Second imagine that you have modified some features in your animation (via procreate, Pixaki or other) and that you re-import the animation in GDevelop with the same name (via the iPad files app) then GDevelop will not take into account the new images worse if we delete in GDevelop the sprite and all its animations and we reimport an image sequence (with the same file name of course) then GDevelop will redisplay the old version of this animation and not the new one, the only way I’ve found is to change the name of the animation once I’ve edited it but that’s absolutely not practical.

Third, cannot import a *.glb file. I tried with GLTFs coming from Nomad Sculpt or from the net but GDevelop does not detect them as compatible.

Lately (for today) GDevelop completely crashes when using the built-in sound catalog and in general once it crashes then you can work on the sounds but access to the sound library is a incredible slowness. If, on the other hand, we completely close the project and GDevelop (by killing the app) then the bug comes back.

So, I hope this helps. And sorry again for reporting the bugs on the French Discord Channel, I thought it was done for mutual aid.