[Ver 1.8.1] MathePferd

I want to introduce you


It’s a game for kids at the age of 6-10

Main theme is about Horse riding and solving (easy) mathematical problems.

It’s about to gain Trophys, Collecting Pictures and Ressources to buy things to gain ressources quicker and in more quantity.

If you have a child you can test it out. In general the Game itself is in German Language, but there is not much text in it. Should be understand easily.

Here you can download the game and test it out. >>> http://trancefer.wmw.cc/index.php/mathepferd

Oh: there is an online scoring system implemented. It counts the trophys, collecting pictures and the hight of the personally calculation level. You can access the scoring table from the startpage of the game.

Sure there is much to do within the game, but my daughter loves it anyway. perhaps your kids want to play a round or two and meanwhile train their maths skills, too :slight_smile:

Let me know what you (and your kids) think of it.

Your game is good and well designed. :slight_smile:
(If you want an easy progress bar widget for the “level”, you can use the new extension Widgets version, that includes a progress bar widget. :wink: )

The core of the game is here. But I feel there’s still room for polishing it a little more.

  • you should add a tutorial so we could understand what there is to do and how to perform it
  • you should add a story mode ( your parents are sick. you must manage the stables while going to school and win several horse courses), with random events to spice the game, a rival to taunt you, one or more love interests, an evil supermarket which want to buy your stables and build a store instead, etc.
  • you should unlock each option one after another, not giving nearly every one of them from the beginning
  • what am I supposed to do in the mountains?
  • what am I supposed to do in the forest?
  • what am I supposed to do at the market?
  • what am I supposed to do in the stables?
  • the horse should fly (!) faster, so the ride would be less stuntering
  • the ride should be less linear. Make the horse goes left to right, put the barriers on the sides, put some variety in the background, etc.
  • idealy, the ride should be faster, only slowered when approching a barrier (simuling a bullet-time effect)
  • the worldmap seems empty. make the elements biggers, or add more decorum
  • don’t mix hand-drawn sprite with realistic textures. It feels off.
  • the cursor is too small and dull. Make it bigger and colorful
  • there are no sound or BGM or BGS → www.freesound.org
  • it lacks of animation and presence. Only still pictures of object, no birds, animals or or character to relate to
  • give clear objectives before a game start. I didn’t see the point of the riding for example, nor any timelimit. Only that I get back to level 1 if I miss

ty :smiley:

more info than I expected :slight_smile: thanks for the really good ideas.
I will work through your ToDo List…, slowly … but it won’t be unseen :wink:

First I will think of a little “where to start” scene, so you will know what to do and where you can do something. thats a good point. as a result of my daughter is the only betatester :slight_smile: it was not challenging to here to find out such things, because she has only to handle with one or two now modules at once :slight_smile:

one thing I have to ask: you write “no backgroundsound” in some scenes there is a sound…, didn’t you hear a thing? because this can’t be at all. there are birds, horses, people at the market, and so on (often taken from freesound.org :wink: )

nice to hear, I will definetily give it a try, is there a release date for your new version of the widget?

Nice to hear you use the same sound source as mine for sound effects. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sadly, I checked again, and I can’t hear a single sound from your game.
I run myself in that kind of issue with GD. Usually, I work around like this:

  • I check if there is enough time for the sound to be played (a timer before changing scene, pushing button or such)
  • I check if the path for my sound is right (with \ instead of /, no space or special character)
  • I validate again the “play sound” action, to be sure GD will really get notified of it (I know, it’s silly, but sometimes, it works).

Maybe you should also consider using different BGM for the main parts of the game (title, manage, ride, school).
If you haven’t any knowledge in music creation, you should use Aviary Myna http://www.aviary.com.
It’s quite easy to obtain a fitting music for your needs.
For instance, this one could fit for the ride sequence (if you put some armor on your horse, and some flames all around :stuck_out_tongue: )

This new version is already available. :wink:

A new Version [1.8] is up.

There are many changes, working sounds and so on, find out, if you want to…

I’ve tried your game, and I’ve found it very good ! No bug, no problem. What have I to say ? No, just your game is very good for kids. My brother has tried it and him too find it good. I havn’t any other word than “good”.

Thank you sototo :slight_smile:

There is a new Version out 1.8.1 with some serious bugfixes. i should fire my daughter as a betatester, she did not find only one bug the other guys at another forum did :smiley:

have fun with it.

oh, i mirrored the setupfile at rapidshare now, because of the downstream issue from my webspace