Vertical fall platform set. Help with my game code [solutioned]

Hi guys I have a problem creating my game. I am making a game that when clicked the platform where the player is is removed and if a platform fails it disables the platform behavior and falls to the void.

there are 3 platforms in a group and it only works with platform 1, if platform 1 fails it does disable the behavior, but if platform 2 fails nothing happens.


What makes platform 1 fall into the void when platform behaviour is disabled? There’s nothing in the events to do this, so I can only assume you have a physics behaviour on the platform objects. In which case, does plataform2 have physics behaviour? And is it set to Dynamic?

there is an event that disables the platform behavior if the Y position of the player is greater than the Y position of the group of platforms, which causes him to fall into the void.

The idea is to pass the platforms one by one, if a platform is left behind the player falls to the void.

I don’t know how to do it

You should put an event that when jumping clears one platform at a time in a specific order. A very simple method is…

Create multiple Platforms1 on multiple Sprites, the same Sprite

Then you put instead of: (if the player is higher than the platform, it is deleted), you can also Put, (If the player presses the “Jump” button, platform +1 is deleted) Thus, 1 is deleted first, then 2, etc.

This is example method, isn’t the “best” method but now you know right?

I hope to explain myself better with these images.

when you click on the platform where the player is standing, the player has no movement or jump, he will always fall vertically. Some platforms move from left to right.

what I want the game to do:
if the player goes from position 1 to 3 the platform behavior is deactivated and he loses. he must go platform by platform without leaving 1 behind.

No, it checks all checks all plataform objects every frame. There’s no “Trigger once” in there, so it will run all the time.

And it sets the plataformer object behaviours to “NO” only if the conditions are met. The conditions create a subset of plataform objects that GDevelop actions works with.

Yes, so the player cannot jump back up.

Disabling the platform behaviour will not make the plataform object fall. There has to be another behaviour, extension or action acting on it.

@Tundan, apologies, I’ve misunderstood what you have been asking. I thought it was just the platform above the player that has the behaviour turned off, but you want it for all platforms if one of them is missed.

In that case, use a “Pick all plataforms” as a subevent :

It doesn’t work, something happens with the platform group. here I upload the project for you to observe, thanks for replying.: jump

Good night, I answered you in private message, see the content and tell my tomorrow -w-

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The solution is this change to the event to :


I’m not sure if the logic of what was happening is correct. It appears to be that GDevelop actions it if all platforms were above the player, rather than any platform.

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If you do that, then please don’t mention it here. That is a private message, this is a public forum. If it’s a solution that can help others, then keep it public.

here is another solution sent by ElementerTheDragon in case someone wants to make a game like it.

thanks a lot for the help guys, it helped me, now I have a place to start. :+1:

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no problem, now you can change de post and add [solutioned]