Viking's Remorse : war reversed - my GameDev.js Jam entry

So, I finally joined and finished a Game Jam. It was close - last set of known bugs ironed out with 25 mins to spare, but I managed to submit Viking’s Remorse - war reversed

It’s a game made with GDevelop within 2 weeks. And it went surprisingly well, I managed to pack more into the game than I originally thought possible. And I think a large reason for that is because GDevelop is perfect for putting together the game basics pretty quickly.

In hindsight, I could have done more, but I faffed around for 4 days perfecting the mathematics of a particular game mechanic that I ended up ditching.

I’d like to think I’ll spend a bit more time to polish it and add more levels before submitting it to liluo.

Screenshots for those interested :





But i’m afraid level 2 can’t be finished, the last guy has no axe.
Also small things like Exit game button in a webgame, that freezes the game, Text object font, Mouse hover cursor, back-button position…

Cheers @jack, I’m not sure what that missing axe is about - it happened occasionally on other levels, and I thought I had it fixed. But obviously not. It seems a temperamental bug - if you reload the game it may not be there the next time round. And those are the more annoying bugs to track and fix.

And yes, I agree with all those other comments. I only tested it on PC while making the game. I wasn’t aware that a game could be held from the public while it got worked on. There’s a big learning curve with the jam :grin:

The occasional bugs without a reason are always the best^^

That’s true, in my frst jam I had the problem that a jam-banner was introduced automatically at the top of the game. This added a scroll bar to the page and the space button scrolled the page down on each jump. (Meanwhile GD prevents page scrolling in active games)

Let me know when it’s polished and live on liluo :slight_smile:

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Oh wow MrMen, haha, that’s so good. I thought it was going to be some quest game which I wouldn’t enjoy but I loved it. And Viking’s Remorse, that’s a great name. When I read the game description I was wishing you had put in why Erik wanted to revive his enemies, but then it was in the game itself and so good and funny haha. And I love the revive noise of the enemies.

Yes, I couldn’t get past Level 2 either and I did refresh the page, a full refresh Ctrl F5. And one time I decided to send Erik to the bad path where the trap was and that made the dead enemy count at the end 2 instead of 1. I tried to replicate that after but couldn’t.

I don’t know how many levels you have at the moment but I really hope you do keep going with this, fixing things, adding things and then publishing it.

I love a lot about this. How did you to the intro scroll? A combination of a blur effect and a fadeout of opacity?

I also really dig the layering of new mechanics per level. Really common thing in production games that is missed in jam games.

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Yes. I had added a small camera zoom, but it got a bit too much. I prefer subtlety over all-in.

Yeah, that’s how I believe games should be - bringing in a new mechanic and giving the player a chance to understand it, rather than be overwhelmed from the word go.

Also, I think ideally games should have as few words as possible, so it becomes language independent and can be picked up by anyone anywhere. So my intros aren’t my ideal, but that’s mainly because of time constraints, and my art skills are non-existent (but I’m a dab hand with ripping images using :grin: )

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